Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm back...at least for now :-)

My friend Terra called me last night to inform me that the tulips were pretty but it was time for some new posts. Thanks for keeping me in line! I still check my favoite blogs, but for some reason I get lazy with mine.

Here are a few pictures I've taken lately...

Check out Rylee's pink cast. As of last Tuesday, the cast was off and her arm is perfect once again! She is a testament to how resilient God made children. It is so hard watching your children struggle, so if this had been hard on Rylee it would have been equally hard for Matt & I. Let me tell you...she's whined more over a scratched knee than she did the entire 6 1/2 weeks of dealing with a broken arm and cast. Thank you Lord!

Reagan is getting so big (she will be 21 months on May 29th)! She is talking and singing and pretty comical most of the time. As you can see below, she is a character!

Um Um Mommy!

Do you remember the orange push up pops??? I have very fond memories of those from my childhood and I think my girls enjoy them as much as I did. According to Reagan, "um, um mommy" (which means yummy, yummy)!

They sure did they make a mess!!!