Sunday, March 30, 2008

My brave girl!!!

Rylee broke her arm tonight :-(. This evening Matt, the girls and I were getting Reagan ready for bed and playing ball in her room. Rylee was playing around in Reagan's crib and before we knew what had happened she had fallen out. At first glance we knew we were on our way out the door. Matt grabbed Reagan and I took Rylee and we drove as fast as we could to Stone Crest.

I've never seen such a brave kid! She whimpered a little at first and then not another tear...for the rest of the night. She was calm and still and extremely cooperative for the dr's and nurses. Matt and I were very proud of her!!! They put her in a splint for tonight and this week we will have it set and put a full cast on it.

3 hours later she has a smile on her face!

She was amazing during every step of the process!

Visit with Grandpa, Amy, Rachael and Emily

We had some visitors this weekend and it was so much fun. Dad, Amy and the girls stayed with us for a few very exciting days. Rylee and Reagan couldn't get enough of Rachael and Emily. It was nice for me, but I'm sure it was exhausting for them!

Rachael, Reagan, Emily and Rylee

Emily loved having tea parties with all the kiddos (they love it too).

Four wheeler fun for Rylee, Reagan and Campbell.

Big sister taking Reagan for a ride!


Here are a few of our Easter Pictures. We had a few egg hunts before Easter and the girls thought those were great. We also had a wonderful day going to our church service at MTSU. It was amazing to so many people coming together to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ!

Rylee and Reagan in the bunny cage.

Keely stayed the night at our house after the big egg hunt and dinner at Grandma and Pops.

Reagan hunting for eggs.

Keely hunting for eggs.

Tyler hunting for eggs at an egg hunt we did on Friday morning before Easter.

Rylee hunting for eggs.

Reagan hunting for more eggs.

Monday, March 17, 2008

New Features

This weekend I figured out a new feature on my camera and I am so excited. I can now make video clips. I've seen video on several blogs and I thought they had pulled out the video camera...hahaha...I'm sure this is funny to all the camera geeks who already knew this.

My first video is of Reagan taking a drink. Exciting stuff, I know, but right now Reagan loves 2 things in life and this clip contains both. Those things are: 1) taking tops of bottles (any bottle and the more challenging the better) and 2) drinking out of a normal cup (mess included). She also whispers "hi" at the end. She is growing up so fast so right now I am cherishing the little things!

Rylee also got to hold Ella Jean for the first time today, and if you can't tell by the look on her face this was a very important job for her. Rylee is such a little mommy and loves to help take care of babies (which means any child younger than her).

Bethany and Reagan cuddled up while Rylee held Ella Jean.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Scotlyn Elizabeth

The girls and I went to Baptist Hospital this week to visit my friend Amy and her little girl Scotlyn. Amy looked great and was already up and moving around. Rylee has been around lots of new babies lately (Ella mostly), so her favorite thing to play right now is pregnant mommy and then she will have her baby. It's amazing to see the things she picks up on. Reagan was with us too but she is not pictured because it was past her bed time and she wasn't in the most cheerful mood.

Terra, Jodi, Scotlyn, Rylee, Amy and Me

Scotlyn Elizabeth

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Unexpected Fun!

When I woke up today, I had decided that we were staying home because we've been on the go a lot lately. Amber dropped by with her 2 girls and shortly after Mary Helen, Maggie and Dylan came by to have lunch with us. We had a great time!


Reagan's 1st time climbing and sliding by herself!!!




Sunday, March 9, 2008

Morning Glory

Look at that face! Does that say "give me my space" or what??? Reagan needs a little time to get moving in the morning. I think she would be content if we left her alone all day as long as she had her pink blanket and paci.

Snow Day

There wasn't a ton of snow but we were able to make a mini-snowman. Rylee was the only one in our house who wanted to play in the snow on Saturday...and she did about 3 times before 10:00 in the morning.
Just a few days before the blizzard she was dressed in short sleeves!