Saturday, November 29, 2008


I am truly a blessed woman! It seems that there are so many things around us to be discouraged about, but inside our home is a place of comfort. Here are a few of the things I am most thankful for:
  1. My awesome husband (we don't sit around the fire having long romantic talks, but he is a great man and a great father and a great husband)
  2. My precious girls (they aren't always perfect, but I am blessed everyday to see God's little creation right before my very eyes)
  3. Our nation (I'm not always thrilled with the direction of our nation, but we still have worship Jesus Christ, to choose how I want to live, to express my views...there are thousands of people around the world who don't have those freedoms)

Bethy and Rylee making apple pies...they were yummy!

Snow Fun!

We went to East TN last weekend to visit Matt's family and we were greeted with snow! There wasn't a ton of it but is was soft and beautiful. We don't get much snow in middle TN and when we do it's more like ice. The girls LOVED it! They also had a great time seeing the grandparents and family.

My Little Gobblins

Here are a few pictures of the girls on Halloween. Reagan was the sweetest little pumpkin and Rylee was doctor at school and decided she wanted to be a princess an hour before we left for trick-or-treating on the square. They had a blast this year!