Sunday, January 20, 2008

Welcome Melissa!

I wanted to welcome my sister-in-law Melissa to the blogging world! She got a little pressure from the rest of us, and I am so excited she decided join us. Check out her blog and leave a comment...I know she would enjoy it!

I also have lots to update (our trip to my inlaws and Matt's birthday) but I will post those soon with pictures. As for right now, I needed to get that stinking cat's picture moved down. I was really sad about Him about a month ago (boo hoo hoo) and everyone told me that cats run off and he may be back. My thought to that was "not my buttercup...he's a really good cat and loves us and wouldn't just run off". After 3 weeks of looking for him, I had really given up hope that we would find him. Last Thursday I got an email from the PAWS that there was a cat matching his description. So, as we are packed and driving out of town, I make Matt stop just so we know it's not him. Sure enough it was! They too thought he was a female (had it list on his kennel)...poor boy. We drive back home and get him all set up in our garage and make plans for family to come check on him and feed him while we are gone. I couldn't believe that my efforts paid off and we actually found him. Well so much for all that effort...we were home one day and he ran off again. At least I tried!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Buttercup Marlin Skittles Brand

It has been almost a week since we've seen our Buttercup and our hope is that he has found a wonderful new home as an inside cat. We never really considered ourselves "cat people". We liked dogs and had always had dogs. There was a slight problem with mice at our house (actually any problem with mice is a BIG problem) and so we thought a cat would help the situation. Not only did Buttercup get rid of all the mice, but the girls LOVED him. He really was a sweet cat and we are going to miss him!

Let me explain the name...
Buttercup was the original name when we thought he was a she. After a trip to the vet we discovered that she was actually a he. The poor boy needed a more masculine name, so Rylee decided that Marlin (Nemo's daddy) would be a great new name for him. Last but not least, Skittles is the name Aunt Bethy had given him from the beginning. So, when we would say his name it would go something like this "Buttercup"..."Marlin"..."Buttercup Marlin Skittles Brand". No joke, we would laugh when we said it but that is how it came out just about every time. No wonder the cat found a new home...he just wanted a decent name!