Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas Morning

We had such wonderful Christmas! Rylee was old enough to really understand why we were celebrating and, although Reagan has yet to really understand, she loved the excitement. Every morning, the entire month before Christmas, we did the Jesse Tree. It was a great tradition that will continue for years to come!
After we opened presents and enjoyed the morning, we spent the rest of the day at my mom's house. Our kids always love the opportunity to hang out at Grandma's house wit all their cousin and that what we did all afternoon.
It looked like the presents exploded all over our house!!!

Rylee and Uncle Craig

Daddy and Reagan

Notice the make-up...Rylee and Keely had to get all dolled up!

Daddy and Rylee

Rylee's Christmas Program

Rylee's school did a birthday party for Jesus and each class sang songs and then everyone had cupcakes and punch. I decided to spare everyone the 5 minute video of Rylee performing (because my mom and sister would be the only people even interested in watching it). She is a natural though!!
Rylee is in the very middle...standing perfectly still...that's my Ry :-).

Rylee with her sweet teacher, Mrs. Regina.

Rylee with her other sweet teacher, Mrs. Michiko.

Miss Patty Cake

Matt and I took the kids to see Miss Patty Cake this year and she was usual! They added a special character, Stan the Handyman, and it was a good thing. Campbell was with us and he didn't love Miss Patty Cake as much as the girls did, but boy did he perk up when Stan the Handyman came out. The kids were great and we waited over an hour to get pictures, but it was totally worth it! Reagan decided she didn't want to be in any pictures, so that is why she is looking away in all the shots :-).

Misc Christmas Pictures

We went to see the Grinch on ICE! with the Wood family and had a great time. My camera ran out of juice, so this is the only picture I got. We had a great time and after ICE! we ate at Rain forest Cafe and the kids loved that too.

Classic Reagan...she loves anything glam!!!

These are the snowmen shirts my sister-in-law, Pam, made for the girls. They are so cute!!