Saturday, April 19, 2008

Spring Fever

Our tulips have bloomed and the red is a wonderful first sign of spring. We have spent the past week pulling weeds, tilling beds and buying flowers and plants. There is still lots to do, but I really enjoy getting outside and the girls have loved it too.

This is a planter that I have had empty on my shelf for over a year. I took the idea from my friend Amy (who can make a shoe box look beautiful). I was at her house last 4th of July and she had the same planter on her front door with actual plants in it. She lined it with moss, filled it with dirt and put the plants in. How easy is that and it cost about $8.00!

One more project done...the "B" for my dining room wall. Have you ever heard of Uppercase Living??? It's one of those in home party products that I had ordered months ago and just couldn't decide where to hang it. With Matt's help it is up and looks great. It looks so good that now I want to order more!!!

No More Paci for Reagan

We are now one week paci free! Kind of sad for mommy, but Reagan has done great. The first night she cried for about a minute and then fell asleep. There have been a few days I've seen her looking for it, but she never cried or fussed about it again.

How we did it...cold turkey! I know, that is so mean but Reagan is a kid who handled it very well. She had developed some eczema around her mouth that was only irritated by her paci and she had also developed some funky moodiness that seemed to be related to paci. So last Friday afternoon I just decided to put her down for her nap with out paci and BAM she went to sleep fine. With Rylee, I cut the tip off her paci so she couldn't suck on it and it took her a few more days but she too adjusted relatively easy.

You may also ask, "is she potty training?" No, she is not potty training but is showing interest in the potty. Rylee started to show interest in the potty at about 18 months too and by 2 years she was out of diapers. They are very different kids, but I can only pray that Reagan will be as easy to potty train as Rylee was.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Here she is...

Several people have asked about Rylee's cast, so I wanted to post some pictures. She is still doing wonderful. The kid never complains about it...I think she likes the attention!
Rylee and Reagan enjoying the rocking chairs.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Terra's New Blog

Yeah Terra! She has joined the blogging world and I am excited to be able to check in on their family more often because we just don't get to see them enough. Terra and I met when I was working at AccountingSolutions. I would tag along on "working lunches"...hahaha...with she and Amy. Tons of laughs and 2 babies later (Rylee and Julia...born on the same day), we became stay at home moms and got pretty good at keeping a once a month lunch date with Amy and Jodi. Skip ahead 3 years, our little group now includes 4 girls, 6 babies and a not so regular lunch date! Check out her blog and see her sweet family!

Greer and Reagan last time we met at the Picnic Cafe.