Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Holiday World

The family took a quick trip up to Santa Claus, Indiana this week to visit Holiday World. What a fun place! It reminded me of the old Opryland but much bigger. The girls had a fabulous time and were totally worn out by 7:00 that night! I was the official picture taker and stroller pusher because I couldn't ride on the rides...oh well, there is always next time.

Story time with Santa

Rylee and Matt coming down one of the big water slides!


Bethany said...

Yay for blogging :)

Holiday World looks fun, I can't believe Rylee went on that big water slide!

Can't wait till #3 is here...Your family is absolutely beautiful!

Angela said...

How fun was that? I love it.
I hope you are doing well! Take care.